The Seherr-Thoss Foundation is a private grant-making foundation established by Sonia P. Seherr-Thoss and her husband, Hans C. Seherr-Thoss.  Mr. and Mrs. Seherr-Thoss became residents of Litchfield, Connecticut in 1948, when they bought 300 acres of farmland where they could raise Jersey cows. 

Litchfield was the place to which they always returned, and they became committed to community service and philanthropy.  They supported and served as board members of the Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust, the Litchfield High School Scholarship Association, the Litchfield Historical Society, the Oliver Wolcott Library, and the White Memorial Foundation and Conservation Center.  Their involvement in the charitable and cultural institutions of Litchfield led to the idea of creating permanent funding for the support of community interests.

The Foundation was established in 1991, and the Charitable Trust in 1994. Both fund Litchfield projects almost exclusively.  “The Foundations”, as they are collectively called, have supported large capital improvement projects for local organizations such as the Litchfield Historical Society, the Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Sanctuary, the Litchfield Community Center, the Oliver Wolcott Library, and the White Memorial Conservation Center. They can also fund out of town organizations if they serve Litchfield residents.

In addition, the Foundations have funded smaller projects such as medical and rescue equipment for volunteer ambulance and fire companies in Litchfield.  The Foundations have supported the Litchfield Public Schools and many other charitable organizations and area churches.