Grant Application Requirements


Applicants must be exempt from income taxes under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code or the applicant must be affiliated with a municipal entity within or associated with the Town of Litchfield.
Applications are not accepted from municipalities or departments other than those in Litchfield. 
Requests for grants must fit within the stated purpose of the Foundations:  to support the cultural, educational, health-related, religious, and civic organizations which serve the people and communities of the town of Litchfield, including Bantam, East Litchfield, Milton, and Northfield Connecticut.

Application Procedure

Please fill out the  Grant Application Form. We have links to both pdf and Word versions of the document. 
1 -Create a single PDF that includes the Grant Application form and the supporting documents, and email it to:
2 -Mail one physical copy of the Grant Application form with all the supporting documents to the Secretary, Seherr-Thoss Foundations, P.O. Box 292, Litchfield, CT  06759

Application Contents

The application must include all the following:

  • A letter from the Chief Executive of the Applicant Organization describing and attesting to the application.
  • A projected budget stating the expected sources and amount of needed funds for the project.
  • Bids from two separate vendors for monies to be spent on this project.  If the nature of the project precludes two bids, please explain why.
  • A copy of a letter from the IRS indicating 501(c) status, including tax ID number.
  • A copy of the latest annual financial statement, preferably audited.
  • Any additional information that may be useful for evaluation.

Application Deadline
Proposals may be submitted at any time, but the deadline for postmarking and for emailing is 5 p.m. on:
February 1 for consideration at the March meeting
September 15 for consideration at the November meeting

Application Review
Applications are screened for completeness, clarity and compliance with eligibility requirements, and are acknowledged by return email within one week of the application deadline. 
Excessive information is discouraged. 
Some applications may require informational queries or site visits by Board Members regarding grant requests.